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Working with Facilities Management

Working together to create a beautiful environment

Facility Managers (FMs) are responsible for optimising a building’s performance and they play a vital role in ensuring that the places in which people work, play, learn and live are safe, comfortable, productive and sustainable, which is particularly important in these ever-changing times.

We understand that FMs are looking to improve safety, mitigate risks and reduce costs through an efficient and streamlined process, whilst creating a high-quality environment to attract the right staff and to impress clients.

We work with FMs to ensure their building and environment are maintained to the highest standards and to find suitable solutions for challenges that they may be facing. For many of course, the workplace may have changed significantly since the Covid pandemic, and as restrictions are lifted and employees return to buildings, we understand that there is a lot to do to make the spaces safe and feasible, perhaps in a different way to pre-pandemic times.

How we can help

Tensile Fabric Ltd has many years of experience working with Facilities Managers in large professional environments, offering a full bespoke service from design and conception right through to installation and future maintenance.

Some of the challenges we can help with include:

  • Add an entrance canopy to shelter and guide visitors - perhaps you need a fabric canopy to highlight your building entrance or for an outdoor meeting point.
  • Create beautiful outdoor covered areas – a tensile fabric structure can add dynamism to a building’s exterior, whether you are looking to keep people dry between buildings or shaded whilst queuing with a walkway canopy.
  • Cut glare by adding sails shade for a better work environment – if sun glare and heat are making your reception area or office spaces uncomfortable to be in, we can help with our bespoke sun shading fabric solutions, positioned to track the moving sun.
  • Enhance an atrium space – add a centrepiece to a large atrium area with a feature tensile fabric canopy. They can offer an amazing wow factor for visitors to the building and tie in and enhance your company branding. Or perhaps you now need to use your atrium space for employees to spread out and work in a more distanced way – we can help to improve the space by adding overhead sail features for shading, privacy, warmth or acoustics.
  • Improve comfort with better acoustics – indeed, if you have problematic acoustics within any of your interior spaces, we can help reduce noise reverberation times with acoustic sails, making the space much more pleasant to be in.
  • Make your open space more versatile – perhaps you have spaces that were previously unused, or you need to make a large space or atrium work more flexibly? We can add beautiful, practical and moveable screen dividers to make better use of an area.

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By Abi Smith, 24/02/2022