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Exterior Product Fabric Canopies

Fabric Structure Products for Exterior Sunshade Applications

An exterior TensileFabric structure offers year-round protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Whatever the purpose of your structure, it means you can play, eat, learn, relax, move around in your outdoor space for longer as you are covered.

As well as protecting you from the sun, our structures are all attention seeking with a strong design and offer a contemporary look for any setting.

As well as outdoor sunshades, we also create interior sunshades to protect people inside from the glare and heat of the sun.

Our extensive knowledge of fabrics, and the way they perform internally, means we understand how they should be best used, and find the solution yielding the best result.

For example, a fabric sun shade demands that the structure is the right shape, orientated to screen the tracking sun, made from the correct material to keep enough visible light out, while also being easy to clean and ultimately attractive to look at. All these aspects make it a lot more than just a sun shade.