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Portsmouth International Port, Acoustic Sails

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Acoustic Fabric Ceiling Sails

  • Project: Portsmouth International Port, Acoustic Sails
  • Description: Acoustic Fabric Ceiling Sails
  • Client: D5 Architects
  • Location: Portsmouth
  • Applications: Suspended Acoustic Ceiling
  • Fabric: Acoustis 50
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel Rigging Screws
  • Ref: 2532

For this scheme at the New Cruise Terminal building in Portsmouth, the architects had identified that there was a requirement to soften the industrial ceiling space as well as improve the noise reverberation when passengers were dropping off and picking up their luggage. 

We assisted initially with 3D models of the space - with the acoustic sails dropped into it, to help the end client  understand the appearance of having so many items hung in the ceiling area.

Our 3d modelling continued, to allow us to position the sails away from lights, sprinklers and the complex smoke detection system.

The 24 triangle sails are tensioned to light aluminium frame, allowing them to be hung like kites in any position. These Reef Sails form part of our interior product range and are manufactured using an Acoustis 50 fabric, which as well as being  acoustically absorbent to reduce reverberation time, also carried the highest fire standard rating.

We provide a maintenance service so cleaning will be carried out annually to vacuum the dust off the top surface of the fabric. #acousticsails #interiorsails