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Fabric Ceiling, Dental Clinic

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Flat Fabric Ceiling Panels

  • Project: Fabric Ceiling, Dental Clinic
  • Description: Flat Fabric Ceiling Panels
  • Client: Bryshaw
  • Location: Swansea
  • Applications: Ceiling
  • Fabric: SVA 3%
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Ref: 2183

We recently designed and installed four flat fabric panels to form a ceiling at this Dental Clinic in Swansea.

The primary brief was to prevent cold drafts wafting up through the open-plan stairwell and to keep heat in, whilst also providing good light penetration.

We chose a mesh material that did allow some light to penetrate through and still allow that feeling of brightness, and we used an aluminium track system to run a really neat interface between the fabric and the frame.

The panels were a variation of our Lyana flat panel product.