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Atrium Sun Shading, Target Group, Newport

Atrium Sun Shading, LV LifeReception Sail, South Gloucestershire College

Office Sun Shading

  • Project: Atrium Sun Shading, Target Group, Newport
  • Description: Office Sun Shading
  • Applications: Sunshade Atrium
  • Ref: 2048

The staff at Target Group in Newport were struggling to work comfortably in the two atrium areas of their office buildings due to the heat and glare associated with sunlight, especially in the summer months when the sun is at its highest.

We used a sun tracking programme to predict the correct shape and orientation required to help solve this problem for them. The programme helped us to create a series of sails, altering the angle of the fins to prevent glare in the afternoon but still allowing them to view the sky from one direction.

We installed the high level sails over two weekends (to avoid any disruption to the employees) using a class O fire rated mesh material with a 1% openness factor – this provided a vision of light above whilst preventing all of the glare.