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Fabric Ceiling, Wem Town Hall

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Interior Ceiling Screening Sails

  • Project: Fabric Ceiling, Wem Town Hall
  • Description: Interior Ceiling Screening Sails
  • Client: Seddon
  • Location: Shropshire
  • Applications: Screen Ceiling
  • Fabric: E-screen
  • Frame: Existing columns
  • Fixings: Strap clamps
  • Ref: 1651

These interior fabric sails were designed and installed to lower the perceived ceiling level of the reception space at Wem Town Hall. The canopies created a range of soft shapes to the area, whilst coloured lighting was positioned to reflect off the white e-screen fabric, creating a striking visual feature.

The building is supported by a number of columns and these were utilised to become the structural support to the canopies using strap clamps. Therefore the client has the option in the future to remove or reposition the canopies without causing any damage to the building.

The fabric E-screen was chosen due to its fire rating, excellent lighting qualities and physical stability.