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Sun Shading, Cambridge Consultants

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Reception Canopy Screens

  • Project: Sun Shading, Cambridge Consultants
  • Description: Reception Canopy Screens
  • Client: Farrans
  • Location: Cambridge
  • Applications: Screen Canopy Reception
  • Fabric: E Screen
  • Frame: Mild Steel
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel
  • Ref: 1128

The sun shading sails shown here formed a direct replacement for existing sails that had become very dirty and therefore were no longer achieving a fire rating.

For the newly installed sails, we altered the design slightly, adding small amounts of scallop to each side, which allows the sails to pull out flat and therefore be crease free.

When installing canopies in an internal environment, it is important to consider the cleaning of the structure so that the canopy remains attractive and fire resistant to its original level. Layers of dust may be prone to static charging.