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Wagtail Rooftop, Allpod Stretch 2

Courtyard Temporary CanopyAllpod Stretch1 Dining Dome, Canada

Rooftop Dining with a Skyline View

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We are delighted to have installed the first of our new design of dining pod - the Allpod Stretch 2

We have added the Allpod Stretch to the range which is available with 1, 2, 3 or more inserted sections, allowing more flexibility and more capacity for customers. There is no limit to how long these pods can be and each panel adds an extra 1.45m to the length.

For their stunning rooftop terrace, the Wagtail in London chose two of the Allpod Stretch 2 pods (with 2 extra panels inserted) which adds an extra 9m2 of internal space per pod.

The pods shown here are not on a plinth as the existing rooftop terrace is flat, but they have chosen a drop-in insert floor to cover any tracking water. 

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