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Camden Market, Half Pods

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Street Food Dining Pods

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  • Project: Camden Market, Half Pods
  • Description: Street Food Dining Pods
  • Location: Camden Market
  • Applications: Dining Entertainment Enclosed
  • Ref: 2421

As part of the ongoing development of Camden Market, we have installed 10 'half' Allpods in some of the back streets and alleys which are tighter on space. 

The half pod is an ideal solution for narrower streets or kerbsides as they take up considerably less space than the full Allpod which is 3m in diameter. 

Designed to accommodate four diners in a row, guests can look out and watch the world go by as they eat their chosen food from the wide variety of delicious street food options available in Camden. 

Contact us to find out more info on the Half Pod.