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Courtyard Canopy, Keogh Barracks

Playground Canopy, Kingsforest SchoolCourtyard Cover, Little Shelford

Outdoor Weather Protection

  • Project: Courtyard Canopy, Keogh Barracks
  • Description: Outdoor Weather Protection
  • Applications: Walkway Entrance Canopy
  • Fabric: White PVC
  • Frame: Coated Mild Steel
  • Ref: 2062

We were approached by this client with a design they had created for an exterior canopy at Keogh army barracks. We rationalised the design for them and cleaned up a few of the lines, enabling the removal of two of the originally suggested four foundations - thus saving money for the client.

The canopy is a striking 8m x 5m branch frame barrel vault structure made using a white PVC fabric and coated steel frame.

The exterior canopy offers all weather protection for the outdoor seating and dining area, as well as providing an entrance canopy over the doorway. This canopy could also be combined with others to make a walkway structure around the building. The structure is a straight version of our curved Polaris product shape (see exterior shapes).