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Sun Shade Canopy

Protective Canopy, Cardiff CastleCourtyard Canopy, BBC Small Town Gardens

Freestanding Smoking Canopy

  • Project: Sun Shade Canopy
  • Description: Freestanding Smoking Canopy
  • Client: T-mobile
  • Location: Hatfield
  • Applications: Meeting Point Sunshade Canopy
  • Fabric: PVC Coated Polyester
  • Frame: Fabricated Aluminium
  • Ref: 1105

Utilizing free span principles, this canopy only has masts and cables, making for quite a pure form, that is visually light weight.To achieve this, the structure is supported by multiple foundations, at the base to each mast and guy cable. 

The tapered masts are machines from aluminium billets, but a second installation of the same canopy used laser cuts details to reduce costs viewable here

When designing such structrues, the 'pull' to each direction needs to be considered, to avoid the canopy being unstable and off centre.