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Courtyard Canopy, BBC Small Town Gardens

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City Garden Shade Canopy

  • Project: Courtyard Canopy, BBC Small Town Gardens
  • Description: City Garden Shade Canopy
  • Client: BBC Gardening
  • Location: London
  • Applications: Sunshade Canopy Garden
  • Fabric: Acrylic Coated Canvas
  • Fixings: Fabricated Stainless Steel
  • Ref: 1073

This courtyard style canopy was installed as part of a series by the BBC investigating the different ways in which small gardens could be laid out.

The canopy in this particular space formed an invaluable sunshade to a very sunny courtyard. It also had to incorporate a quick install/remove process, enabling it be put up and taken down over multiple occasions throughout the summer months.

When considering a canopy of this type, particular attention should be paid to the fixings, as brickwork is often very insubstantial and loads should perhaps be distributed over a wider area.