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Unseen Flow, V&A

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Fluted Projection Fabric Form

  • Project: Unseen Flow, V&A
  • Description: Fluted Projection Fabric Form
  • Client: Cellule Studio
  • Location: London
  • Applications: Entertainment Touring Centrepiece
  • Fabric: Stretch
  • Frame: Mild Steel
  • Fixings: Zips
  • Ref: 2328

This beautiful structure was commissioned for the Design Festival 2019 season - in this case at the V&A Museum. 

Kalostasis was an interactive and immersive installation enacting the unseen flow of the heart and its cells.

Working with Cellule Studio, we created the simplest of frames to make sure the fabric form was not interrupted by intrusive detailing.

Four specialist video projectors threw light onto the form from four corners of the room - all activated by a motion sensor, moving the 'flow' of the cells.

The external projection presented the structure as an amazing sculpture - but when viewed from inside, you were immersed in the effect of the flowing movement.

The structure will be touring in the future.