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Overhead Branding, Turkey WTM

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Fabric Signage

  • Project: Overhead Branding, Turkey WTM
  • Description: Fabric Signage
  • Client: 4D Design
  • Location: ExCel
  • Applications: Suspended Signage
  • Fabric: Coated Polyester
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Fixings: Various
  • Ref: 2026

For the World Travel Market exhibition, our client asked us to create an eye catching overhead element to provide strong branding above their client's exhibition stand at this ever popular travel show.

The main part of our structure is a variation on our 'Calisto' exhibition product, which is hung vertically, and forms a wave shape above the stand. The fabric is a dye sublimate printed polyester, front lit in the majority, with some rear white lighting on the logo areas. This wave effect offers excellent branding and leads the eye around the stand, catching the eye from a distance, which is needed n the vast exhibition hall. 

We also created flat panels (based on our 'Lyana' exhibition product) which again were hung vertically. This time we used printed blackout fabric to avoid any image transfer from either side as well as to to hide the internal framework.