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Printed Fabric Panels, Adobe 2014

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Printed Twin Skin Branding

  • Project: Printed Fabric Panels, Adobe 2014
  • Description: Printed Twin Skin Branding
  • Client: Mint Source
  • Location: ExCel
  • Applications: Ceiling Centrepiece
  • Fabric: HTC Polyester
  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Fixings: Extrusion
  • Ref: 1997

As part of our ongoing relationship with this client, we produced the four twin-faced curved panels - shown on the floor here - though these were flown to form a branding facia to the central structure. 

The beauty of our product here is the simplicity of the framework - meaning it is light, slim and easy for the client to re-use. This combined with an exceptionally high quality blackout print sub straight, produces a clean crisp twin faced panel that is very useful. 

Lead time for manufacture of these 'Larissa' panels is around four weeks. SIzes can vary, though blackout fabric at 2.8m may restrict unseamed panels.