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Fabric Ceiling, Blackberry, Mobile World Congress

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Printed Exhibition Canopies

  • Project: Fabric Ceiling, Blackberry, Mobile World Congress
  • Description: Printed Exhibition Canopies
  • Client: Blackberry
  • Location: Barcelona
  • Applications: Feature Ceiling Signage
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Frame: Mild Steel
  • Fixings: Aluminium Extrusion
  • Ref: 1830

TensileFabric continued its relationship with Shelton Fleming when we worked with them to provide and install printed fabric canopies (working with HelmX) for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The zig-zag style ceiling covered three main areas to the front of the stand where different products were being showcased below. 

The canopies were made from three different fabrics - a black section to screen light, a solid printed section to the front, where high definition is required, and a lighter weight 'flag' type fabric where some degree of transparency was required.

Our elements were installed over a three day period in conjunction with the rest of the stand build.