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Fabric Lighting Effect, Porsche 918, Silverstone

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Fabric Reveal

  • Project: Fabric Lighting Effect, Porsche 918, Silverstone
  • Description: Fabric Reveal
  • Location: Silverstone
  • Applications: Entertainment Ceiling
  • Fabric: Cotton Mesh
  • Fixings: GRP Rod
  • Ref: 1825

Working with MDM, TensileFabric installed a very simple fabric mesh reveal in the Porsche building at Silverstone back in September 2011.

The fabric layer was installed to produce the stage cloth effect, where front lighting and no rear lighting makes the fabric appear solid, but by reversing the lighting, the fabric appears transparent - thus revealing the space and what is in it.

The circle of fabric fixed in place with a simple pocket of GRP rod, being fixed to the bottom of existing glass balustrading.