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Fabric Dome, Thompsons, Expositionists

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Exhibiton Dome

  • Project: Fabric Dome, Thompsons, Expositionists
  • Description: Exhibiton Dome
  • Client: Expositionists International
  • Location: London
  • Applications: Enclosed Canopy Signage Freestanding Centrepiece
  • Fabric: HTC Polyester
  • Ref: 1822

This dome structure, produced in around four weeks, uses a very simple tubular cross frame, combined with cross brace cables to add stability. The structure was 5.5m high on a very lightweight frame.

The fabric is a printable polyester - dye sublimate printed - to give a rich vibrant colour.

Domes are a popular way of increasing size prescence and adding height to a stand at an exhibition. It also gives a contained feel within the stand.