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Printed Lampshades, Lizard Lighthouse

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Printed Cube Signs

  • Project: Printed Lampshades, Lizard Lighthouse
  • Description: Printed Cube Signs
  • Client: Trinity House
  • Location: Lizard
  • Applications: Feature Entertainment Lampshade
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Frame: Powder Coated Steel
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel Drop Wires
  • Ref: 1593

Trinity House, whose prime concern is the safety of shipping and the well being of seafarers, built their first lighthouse in 1609. Lizard Lighthouse's Heritage Centre was awarded a grant to develop a permanent information centre that provided displays and educational material on the lives of those who lived and worked within these lighthouses.

TensileFabric, as part of this exhibition, designed, manufactured and installed a number of cube-like light shades suspended from the ceiling mirroring elements of design at low level. The fabric of these cubes is polyester and the graphics were printed using a dye sublimation process.