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Outdoor Event Canopy, BMW, Wentworth

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Sun Shading Event Canopy

  • Project: Outdoor Event Canopy, BMW, Wentworth
  • Description: Sun Shading Event Canopy
  • Client: BMW, TRO
  • Location: Wentworth
  • Applications: Feature Canopy Freestanding
  • Fabric: PVC Coated Polyester
  • Frame: Freestanding
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel
  • Ref: 1513

The canopy shown here was commissioned by TRO Group for BMW as part of the sponsorship show for the 2008 PGA Championship at Wentworth.

The canopies, as well as providing rain and sun protection, added an extra height dimension to the exhibition stand.

The structures are created using a steel post upright, with a bolt together base that is secured to the ground with large steel pins.

Build time was around two hours per structure.