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Exhibition Centrepiece, RAC

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Conical Fabric Feature

  • Project: Exhibition Centrepiece, RAC
  • Description: Conical Fabric Feature
  • Client: RAC
  • Location: NEC
  • Applications: Feature Centrepiece
  • Fabric: Proban Cotton
  • Frame: Fabricated Mild Steel
  • Ref: 1173

Designed and project managed by The Iguana Group, this simple cone formed the centrepiece structure to the RAC stand.

The client had existing steel work from a previous show to which we fixed the cone structure. The white Proban Cotton fabric is Velcro-fixed at the top, which allows for adjustment and repositioning. The bottom edge was staple-fixed. Finally a vertical zip was included in the cone design, allowing the fabric to be added to the structure after the steel work was erected.