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Lit Fabric Canopies, Frenchgate

Exhibition Centrepiece, RACSun Shade Canopy, Cancer Research

Exhibition Illuminated Screens

  • Project: Lit Fabric Canopies, Frenchgate
  • Description: Exhibition Illuminated Screens
  • Client: Frenchgate
  • Location: Manchester G MEX
  • Applications: Screen Suspended
  • Fabric: 4500 Natte
  • Frame: Fabricated Mild Steel
  • Ref: 1147

The three barrel vaults shown here were installed in a single day build for this exhibition for Frenchgate.

The repeat forms were supported from above using stainless steel drop wires from a secondary hanging truss structure.

Each unit consists of a powder-coated steel frame with a skin of Natte fabric, offering Class O fire rating and excellent lighting qualities. Rigging time is around 10 minutes per unit.