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Dining Canopy, Mini, Goodwood FOS 2017

Hanging Banners, HescoFestival Feature for Audi, Goodwood 2017

Terrace Canopies

  • Project: Dining Canopy, Mini, Goodwood FOS 2017
  • Description: Terrace Canopies
  • Client: Mini
  • Location: Goodwood 2017
  • Applications: Dining
  • Fabric: PVC Coated Polyester
  • Frame: Coated mild Steel by HelmX
  • Fixings: Aluminum Kedar Rails
  • Ref: 2194

For the Mini stand at Goodwood's popular Festival of Speed, we created some lightweight terrace canopies so that their guests could dine outside and be protected by rain, or shaded from sunshine. 

The cafe sails are lightweight using a PVC coated polyester, fast to install and can be re-used again by the client.