Fabric Ceiling, Xscape, Milton Keynes

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Curved Ceiling Canopies

  • Project: Fabric Ceiling, Xscape, Milton Keynes
  • Description: Curved Ceiling Canopies
  • Client: Xscape
  • Location: Milton Keynes
  • Applications: Feature Ceiling Canopy
  • Fabric: 5500 Satine / E Screen
  • Frame: Coated steel
  • Fixings: Velcro
  • Ref: 1023

As part of the makeover of this 'extreme sports' focused retail area at the Milton Keynes Snowdome, a replacement set of skins were manufactured and installed over the existing barrel vault ceiling frames.

The barrel vault ceiling canopies were constructed from Mild Steel, spigoted together to allow for easy entry into the building and erection on site. The fabric is Velcro-fixed to the under side frame, allowing the fabric to be fitted and removed very easily for cleaning and access above.