Rooftop Pod Dining

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Outdoor Covered Dining

Special Project

Welcome to our new pod design - featuring a timber and polycarbonate structure,  opening roof vent, retractable sliding door, an insert deck and of course the ability for you to use your own furniture.

Made to order in the UK, our pods bring a high quality feature to any restaurant or pub setting. These premium domes or igloos offer an all year outdoor dining experience, allowing up to 10 persons to dine in style (not just have drinks at a small table).

In the Autumn and winter months, when its too chilly to sit and eat outdoors - these pods offer virtually airtight offering excellent heat retention - making them warm, cosy and inviting.

In the spring and summer - when wet days can make your terrace redundant, the pods suddenly add all the space you need. 

Email us for costs, lead times and other information.